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5 MINUTES WITH Corinne Laan “there is a great need for us to find healing”

June 08 2022

We’re excited to be working with grief expert Corinne Laan on the campaign for her book, The Art of Grieving. We asked Corinne our 5 questions to find out more about her, her book, and her vision:

1. Pitch in 10 - sell us your book in less than 10 words

It offers the reader ways of finding meaning after a loss.

2. Audience of One -  If you could choose ONE person to read your book who would it be and why? 

Adults with a loss experience are searching for new approaches to explore their grief and find meaning which is a key element in the grief cycle. The loss experience can be any type of loss not only the loss of a loved one. The book is written as a self-help guide offering the readers practical ideas to navigate the myriads of emotions surrounding a loss. It offers the readers essential mind body connection practices which not only provide solace but encourage the readers to move forward, find joy again while keeping precious memories alive.

3. Behind the Book - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

The story behind this book is the death of my sister at a young age. This was my first heartbreak and it had a great impact on my life. The death of my father in 2015, nearly losing my son in the same year and my own ill health were the catalyst to keep on writing. I felt at the time of writing and still now that there is a great need for us to find healing, that heartbreak is all around us often well hidden within the layers of daily life. The book Big Magic: How to live a creative life and let go of your fear by Elizabeth Gilbert was a great source of inspiration and helped me find my creative flow.

4. Guess what? Tell us one thing that readers might be surprised to hear about you. 

I love anything which involves creativity. My hobbies are many and include making jewellery, painting with watercolour and gouache. Colours bring joy and are a source of inspiration for me. I love a good walk in nature too, preferably alone where I can fully connect with my surroundings and I love birds especially colibri/hummingbird.

5. The next chapter - what’s next for you?

I am currently working (still in the very beginning stages) on a set of healing affirmation cards which I think will accompany The Art of Grieving well. I would love to be able to create the artwork myself to accompany each card.

To get a review copy or to book in an interview, contact Kesia.burr@thebookpublicist.co.uk



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