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5 MINUTES WITH JULIA HOLLENBERY: ‘It feels as if Life itself co-created the book’

November 17 2021

We’re excited to be working with Julia Hollenbery, expert in the power of happiness, joy and relationships, on the campaign for her new book, The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being. We asked Julia our 5 questions to find out more about her, her book, and her vision:

1. Pitch in 10 - Sell us your book in less than 10 words

Inspiring practical manual for a happier, more sensual, conscious life.

2. Audience of One - If you could choose ONE person to read your book who would it be and why?

A sensitive, kind, curious, intelligent person, drowning in the mundane, who knows there’s more to them (and to life) than they are living.

Somethings maybe going well, and they’ve fears, loneliness and boredom, being a grown-up is not as much fun as they thought it would be!

They need a real-life story and wisdom…. depth, sparkle and contact with the sacred… hope for a better world…

Reading this book they’ll learn being sensitive is ok, modernity is a mess, magic is possible, there are 7 paradigm-shift medicines for fulfilment, advice for a happy relationship, tips for intimacy, and kindness leads to pleasure.

3. Behind the Book - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I always knew I’d write a book… As a little girl I was surprised my brother told me he knew that in the future I’d write a book and he’d be interviewed on the radio about it!

Half a lifetime ago, in my mid-twenties, I began writing the first part. A raw, emotional, rant. I knew I’d write the second part when I was healed and evolved… and that is how it happened. One poem from the first draft is in the final book.

A few years ago I began writing again… I had no choice, my heart knows something that it wants to share. It poured out of me, night and day.

The book is woven from a lifetime of experiences, insights, conversations, books, teachings, etc. I’m delighted that despite the downs and ups of life – and sometimes life was really hard and I didn’t think I would make it – I have written this book – and it is being internationally published.

It feels as if Life itself co-created the book – and supported me without an agent being published by Findhorn Press. Apparently, this is unheard of! It has its own life now, to go out widely into the world.

It has its own life now, to reach the people who need to read it.

4. Guess what? Tell us one thing that readers might be surprised to hear about you.

Outside of writing, speaking and working with clients, sharing this rich, sensual, embodied way of being, I enjoy a simple life. My fiery daughter, Ruby, is now at secondary school. She loves to sing and to be with animals. I love to dance wildly, kickbox, and be in oceans and forests. I’m enjoying life in relationship with Grae, an engineer and transformational coach, two black cats Mars and Pluto, and the Chocolate Labrador Olive. We all spend a lot of time walking, boating, cooking, eating, making music and staring into the ever-changing flames of the wood-burning stove (in winter) and (in summer) the light dancing on the surface of water.

5. The next chapter - What’s next for you?

I’m excited to spread the visionary message of the 7 medicines far and wide. The book supports and empowers people struggling with the uncertain intensity of modern life, with simple, profound and practical tools, to improve their relationships, health and work. You can take the right steps forward, not with mental maps based on the past, but the wisdom of your own body.

I’m looking forward to meeting more people in 2022 at the online book read-along sessions, in-person book tour, and talks at The Scientific and Medical Network, Watkins Bookshop, festivals, summits and other events.

I love sharing inspiring memes and practical tips on social media, igniting discussions in the Power of Pleasure community, and sending occasional hints of deliciousness from UniverseOfDeliciousness.com.

I’m described as a “fun and engaging teacher” of the “wonderful” 7 transformational medicines. I lead short workshops called Power of Pleasure, focused on ancient teachings for a happier life.

For those wanting to really live this, I’ll offer a powerful immersive in-depth weekend course, Joy of Being, online and in London. And for a growthful holiday next summer at the respected Skyros Centre, Greece.

I will also be taking this work into corporate settings in 2022, so that people can realise productivity and pleasure are connected.

Find out more about Julia’s work at universeofdeliciousness.com. To get a review copy or to book in an interview, contact Teresa Richardson at teresa.richardson@thebookpublicist.co.uk



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