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Awareness days to watch out for, March–April

February 28 2018

Spring is on its way (we promise!) and it brings with it a whole host of awareness days, weeks and months that are full of opportunity for authors. From International Day of Happiness to Apprenticeships Week, awareness days can make your book especially topical and encourage broadcast interviews, guest articles and your comment in the media. Get to know what’s coming up so you can plan your social media content or a quick-fire publicity campaign.

Here’s a rundown of all the dates that might be relevant for you in March and April:


1 March – World Book Day

8 March – International Women’s Day

5-9 March – National Apprenticeships Week

11 March – Mothering Sunday

20 March – International Day of Happiness


1-30 April Stress Awareness Month

7 April – World Health Day

10-16 April Homeopathy Awareness Week

23 April World Book Night

Happy awareness day-ing!

Please do get in touch if you’ve spotted an opportunity and you’d like to talk to us about whether we can help you make the most of it. You can email us info@thebookpublicist.co.uk or call us on 01497 288 018.



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