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Five Steps to Consolidate Your ‘Go-To’ Status

April 20 2017

Last week on the blog…How To Become The Go-To Expert in Your Field

Once you have achieved initial recognition as a thought leader in your field, you will need to keep putting yourself ‘out there’ in order to reinforce your status.

At The Book Publicist we help many authors and entrepreneurs to gain and maintain a ‘go-to’ reputation. Bringing them to the attention of a wide range of media outlets, we position them as thought-leader and boost their profile with written articles, speaking appearances and targeted publicity.

To consolidate your position as a go-to expert, make these 5 steps your next priority.

1. Speak on the radio

Nothing labels you an ‘expert’ as well as an appearance on a radio programme. There are now a huge number of outlets, including local radio stations, online radio shows and podcasts, and this is the most direct way to access your target audiences or find new ones. You could appear as a talking head; as an expert
interviewee on your niche subject; or as a member of a wider panel discussion.

2. Start writing

Writing a book may not sound easy, but remember that you already have a wealth of specialist knowledge. Look at other books on a similar subject to your own and consider new angles or methods you could bring to it. Writing about your specialism will attract people’s interest, and will link you strongly to the subject itself. Publishing a book gives you a strong focal point fort promoting yourself, and can be thought of as a kind of CV of your expertise.

3. Speak up

Presenting and public speaking skills are invaluable for a go-to expert, and represent some of the best ways to gain exposure. Put yourself forward as a public speaker, and offer yourself as a presenter at any conferences and industry events with a link to your target audiences.

4. Build a network

A good way to spread the word about yourself, and to achieve priceless word-of-mouth recommendations, is to create strategic alliances. Look out for people and companies within your niche who do similar work to you, that complement your services. Joining a network of your peers will help you attract new business and attain new audiences.

5. Create your own blog

By this stage you may already have guest blogged for other companies or media in your industry. Now is the time to create your own blog, which you can publish weekly online. Your individual take on your specialist subject should offer value to others, both fellow specialists and potential clients. You should be aiming for a high level of likes and shares across social media, which will strengthen your online footprint in a planned and regular way.



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