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“From homelessness to property millionaire” Book campaign for exciting personal story

January 17 2018

We are really excited to be working with property tycoon Laurence Lameche on his new book, How I Bought 3 London Properties for a Football Ticket. You may have seen Laurence hit the headlines when he gave his London flat to a homeless family for Christmas rent-free, and we’re now also helping promote the book that shares the inspirational story of his success.

Written in a jargon-free, accessible style, the book explores key lessons that aspiring homeowners, landlords and property buyers can take away from Laurence’s own journey, explaining his innovative approach to property ownership It reveals how to find the right kind of motivated sellers, how to develop mutually beneficial agreements between all parties, how to navigate the potential legal pitfalls of property ownership, how to deal with difficult tenants and how to build an effective long-term strategy to grow a lucrative property business.

Perhaps more importantly, however, the book gives fascinating insights into the determination, resilience and positive mental attitude required to succeed against the odds in any field.

The campaign for How I Bought Three London Properties for a Football Ticket by Laurence Lameche is being managed by Teresa Richardson, so please contact Teresa.richardson@thebookpublicist.co.uk for any press enquiries.



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