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January 09 2018

As we start stepping into the new year, we couldn’t help but reflect at what 2017 held for us and what 2018 might bring. It was a big time of change for us, moving into our new office in Hay on Wye, having a growing team and working with so many authors to get their brilliant ideas read!

To make sure we get 2018 started on the right footing we have decided to share some of the inspiring quotes from our authors:

1. Andy Cope, author of Happiness
‘Your script is only written up to this point. Have a leaf through it. What lessons has it taught you that you can apply going forward?’

2. Jennifer Moss, author of Unlocking Happiness at Work
‘Before you sign off work for the day, send out a ‘thank you’ message to someone for a job well done. It will only take you two minutes, but it could make their day.’

3. Philip Adcock, author of Master Your Brain
‘How you dress influences your state of mind and how you feel, so dress for success to achieve it.’

4. Philip Cox-Hynd, author of Mindfulness and The Art of Change by Choice
‘When we have change imposed upon us, we resist; when it is a change we choose, we follow it through.’

5. Scott Quinnell & Paul Boross, authors of Leader on the Pitch
‘A leader cannot live without a team, and the relationship that you form with your team is therefore critical to your success.’

6. Jennifer Boon, author of Survive & Thrive: Dating and Being Single
‘Focus on you and creating a life you love regardless of whether you are with someone.’

7. Michael Banks, author of Gotta Kidney?!
‘One of the most important ways to stay positive when you’re struggling is to find the blessings hidden within the pain and drama.’

8. Hélene Fermont, author of His Guilty Secret
‘Remember that the best revenge is to be completely fulfilled and happy.’

9. Mary McGuire, author of Coming Home to You
‘Change is not something to be fearful of, in fact the opposite is true. Always be suspicious of stagnation and the loss of movement in our life.’

10. Gustav Milne, author of Uncivilised Genes
‘Our genetic make-up is broadly palaeolithic and ill-suited to modern urban living. We need to eat and live more like our cavemen ancestors.’

11. Sebastian Salicru, author of Leadership Results
‘Honesty is the most important characteristic of admired leaders.’

12. Steven Van Belleghem, author of Customers the Day After Tomorrow
‘Artificial Intelligence is creating a world where, without doing anything, customers will enjoy faster-than-real-time customer service, hyper-personalisation and intuitive user interfaces.’

13. Kate Tojeiro, author of The Art of Possible
‘Encouraging our brains to think in a calm cognitive way, rather than in emergency ‘fight or flight’ mode, reduces the power of fear to control our decisions.’

14. Mark Tungate, author of The Escape Industry
‘The real purpose of leisure travel is to distract ourselves… we may not become better people, but we might become better versions of ourselves.’

15. Stephen Frost, author of Inclusive Talent Management
‘Diversity is a reality. But inclusion is a choice. And it’s a choice that many people consciously and unconsciously reject.’

16. Andro Donovan, author of Motivate Yourself
‘Life presents us with wonderful opportunities every day. If we have not prioritised what is important to us, we are missing the chance to be great, happy and fulfilled.’

17. Curly Martin, author of Achievement: Cancer Free for 20 Years
‘Stepping outside your comfort zone can be the beginning of a completely new way of life.’

18. Marc Gruber and Sharon Tal, authors of Where to Play
‘Focus is one of the most important behaviours for driving success. This is true in all aspects of life, including your personal and professional aspirations.’

19. Phil Beadle, author of Rules for Mavericks
‘Nothing’s ever a complete success; things are rarely total failures either. To succeed properly, you have to fail properly by reaching for things that exceed your grasp.’

20. Royston Guest, author of Built to Grow
‘Enable your team to unlock their potential and deliver excellence within their role fuelling their inner self worth, igniting their self-motivation, building their confidence and their happiness will be inevitable.’

21. Bradley Busch and Edward Watson, authors of Release Your Inner Drive
‘Focus on developing your skills not just on the end outcome.’



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