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How to Make the Most of Awareness Days

January 23 2018

Every month is now packed with awareness days. It’s safe to say some of them are more useful than others – tweeting your undiminished love for Winnie the Pooh on Winnie the Pooh Day isn’t going to get most of us very far. BUT many of these days can present brilliant promotional opportunities and can be pretty useful for planning your social media content too…

  • Awareness days can make your book especially topical and encourage broadcast interviews
  • They’re also a great chance for us to offer journalists articles and top tips linked to an upcoming awareness day (said articles will credit you and your book)
  • They present the perfect opportunity for us to let journalists know about you and the expert comment you can offer on any features they’re already working on.

So, what’s coming up that could be useful for you and your book? Here’s a rundown:


21 Jan – National Hug Day

27 Jan-3 Feb – National Storytelling Week


14 Feb – Valentine’s Day

15 Feb – Singles Awareness Day

22 Feb – World Thinking Day

26 Feb-11 March – Fairtrade Fortnight


1 March – World Book Day

8 March – International Women’s Day

9-18 March – British Science Week

11 March – Mothering Sunday

20 March – International Day of Happiness

Happy awareness day-ing!



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