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Our new book campaign for Strategy Plain and Simple

January 31 2018

We are really happy to be working with strategy consultant Vaughan Evans again, this time on his new book, Strategy Plain and Simple from FT Publishing.

At a time when just 53% of UK start-ups survive beyond their first three years, Vaughan argues that many entrepreneurs are failing to get their basic strategy right from the start. The reality is that many business leaders are so busy in the day-to-day running of their company, they feel like taking time out to write a business strategy is a luxury they simply cannot afford.

Unlike most books on strategy, which are written by academics for business school students, Strategy Plain and Simple: 3 Steps to Building a Successful Strategy for Your Start-up or Growing Business is tailored to meet the needs of time-pressured
entrepreneurs. It guides them towards business success with a simple, 3-step process: Understanding the market; Gaining a competitive advantage and balancing risk and opportunity.

Teresa Richardson is managing the book publicity campaign for Strategy Plain and Simple, so for any media enquiries please contact teresa.richardson@thebookpublicist.co.uk



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