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PR campaign to launch new book exploring what it really means to be a Maverick

April 06 2017

The Book Publicist are excited to have been appointed to work on Phil Beadle’s latest book, ‘Rules for Mavericks’

The Rules for Mavericks is a guidebook to leading a creative life. In this elegantly written book Phil Beadle glides and riffs around the idea of maverick nature, examines the processes of producing good work in creative fields and broaches the techniques that orthodoxies use to silence dissident voices.

The author Phil Beadle knows a bit about bringing creative projects to fruit. He is the author of ten books on a variety of subjects, including the acclaimed Dancing About Architecture, described in Brain Pickings as ‘a strong, pointed conceptual vision for the nature and origin of creativity’. Phil has won national awards for both teaching and broadcasting, was a columnist for the Guardian newspaper for nine years and has written for every broadsheet newspaper in the UK.

Matt Davidson is going to be heading up this campaign so get in touch if you’d like more info on this brilliant book.



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