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The Book Publicist to lead publicity for world-leading memory training expert, Chester Santos

May 01 2019

The Book Publicist is excited to be working to profile Chester Santos across the UK and the USA and has already lined up an interview with The Talking Business Show on BBC World News in Washington DC.

Chester Santos is a US Memory Champion. He has not only wowed audiences around the world with his amazing feats of memory, but has passed on valuable memory techniques to others through his workshops, corporate
training and presentations, so they too can experience the benefits of unlocking the full potential of their mind.

Chester has helped top executives from some of the world’s highest profile organisations to impress their clients and influence their colleagues. His corporate clients include Google, Morgan Stanley, Harvard
University, London Business School and the Boston CEO Club, and he has worked with the CFA Institute, giving presentations to member organisations in numerous countries around the world.

Chester is also the author of best-selling book, Instant Memory Training for Success, published by Wiley. More information can be found at www.internationalmanofmemory.com.

For further information about Chester Santos, please contact:

Rhian Pearson


01497 288018



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