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The Kitchen Science Cookbook PR campaign hits the airwaves

July 30 2018

Wow – the amazing NanoGirl aka Dr Michelle Dickinson hit the ground running when she landed in the UK from NZ this weekend.

Michelle enthralled the Revd Richard Cole and fellow guests on BBC Radio 4 Saturday live as she explained the principles of nano-science and got them all experimenting with disposable cups, string and water to make the most amazing chicken noises! Listen here (50 minutes in). Clearly listeners were equally amazed as by the end of Saturday The Kitchen Science Cookbook had risen to best seller status and was in number 1 place for nature-education books on Amazon.

As if that wasn’t enough, Monday morning saw Michelle jump on the train to Media City in Salford for filming with Blue Peter – Michelle is now the very proud owner of a Blue Peter badge – which adds to her long and growing list of awards for scientific achievement.

On a real whistle-stop tour – she’ll be filming with local Birmingham TV and demonstrating the science behind marshmallow slime and unicorn noodles at the ThinkTank Science museum in Birmingham on Wednesday.

She’s going to be all over the local radio airwaves this week too, before heading back to London where she will be paying BBC Radio 6 a visit to record an interview for their breakfast show, and filming with children’s channel Fun Kids.

Catch her if you can – she’s fun and inspirational and we’ve all developed a new interest in science since working on the book publicity campaign for The Kitchen Science Cookbook.



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