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We are managing the book launch campaign for The New Business Road Test

January 17 2018

We have worked with John Mullins for a few years now and have always tried to follow his advice carefully, so we were delighted to be appointed by FT Publishing to manage the launch campaign for the new edition of his hit book, The New Business Road Test.

The book is published at a time when little more than half of all UK start-ups survive beyond three years, and just 2% scale up to turnover more than £1million in the same period, so it goes some way to explaining the reasons for these failure rates and how to spot fundamentally flawed enterprises before it is too late.

Now in its fifth edition, The New Business Road Test, has been updated with a brand new section specifically to help investors to identify the opportunities to back, and the ones to avoid. There is also a selection of new case studies, including practical advice focused around the entrepreneur, and the mindset and skillset required for success.

Durga Bradley is managing the launch campaign for The New Business Road Test, so contact durga@thebookpublicist.co.uk for any press enquiries.



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